AirAsia Group CEO told baggage handlers to ‘kiss the bags’ after hurling controversy – and so they did

Pictures of luggage staff kissing bags come just days after a public apology over a viral video of luggage being hurled

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 March, 2018, 12:39pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 March, 2018, 12:42pm

By Jessica Lin

AirAsia is winning the social media game, and with a boss as PR-savvy as Tony Fernandes, who would expect any less?

Just last week, the low-cost carrier narrowly averted a PR crisis sparked by a viral video showing its baggage handlers hurling luggage from a conveyor belt.

The Facebook user who uploaded video said her bicycle was broken in the process.

But it didn’t take long since the video’s posting for AirAsia group CEO Fernandes and AirAsia CEO Riad Asmat to personally respond.

While Fernandes wrote that he was “really disappointed” with the “ramp boys and girls”, Riad said in a video that “stern action will be taken accordingly”.

Now, it looks like even AirAsia ramp staff have picked up a trick or two from their boss.

A Facebook user identified as Mohd Amir Izzat posted a series of photos as a follow-up on Monday (March 26), just three days after Fernandes’ public apology.

In the set of new photos, AirAsia’s baggage handlers are seen hugging and kissing bags and luggage with smiles on their faces.

And of course, no one could be more pleased than Fernandes himself.

The entrepreneur shared two of the photos on his Instagram page, praising the group for their positive attitude.

“It’s only take one of two bad apples to spoil everything. But it’s takes a team to take the knocks and come back stronger with humour and pride and be the best (sic).

“I’m proud of my Ramp All stars #kissthebag,” he wrote.

If you’re wondering who gave AirAsia’s ramp staff the idea to kiss passengers’ bags, it was none other than Fernandes himself.

In a February 15 video posted by another Facebook user Mohd Jefri, Fernandes can be heard telling the company’s baggage handlers to handle passenger bags with care.

“Please look after bags better. Every day I’ve got someone emailing me about bags. Don’t throw the bags anymore, kiss the bags,” he said.

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