‘Widow’s ghost’ blamed for mysterious deaths in Thai village

After two men’s mysterious deaths, spirits had told the villagers through a medium that two more deaths will soon follow

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 June, 2018, 3:47pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 June, 2018, 3:47pm

Residents in the Thai city of Nakhon Ratchasima’s Phimai district have hung a red shirt in front of their homes, believing the gesture can drive away the ghost of a widow whom a medium said had taken the lives of two males.

Lamom Sermphimai, 62, who lives in Ban Sala village, said the residents have hung up a red shirt because during the past week two men in the village died mysteriously in their sleep.

The residents went to see a medium. A rite was held at a village shrine to invite spirits to explain to the residents why this happened, Mrs Lamom said.

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Through the medium, the spirits said it was the ghost of a widow who wanted to take the lives of four men in the village and that, as two had died, two other men would soon follow.

Fearing that the widow’s ghost would take the life of their family members, the villagers have hung a red shirt in front of their homes believing it would drive away the ghost.

No word was to hand on why a red shirt would act as a deterrent.

Some of the residents have attached a note to the red shirt which states: “There are no men in this house, but cats and dogs.”

According to Mrs Lamom, no other men have died in their sleep after red shirts were put up.

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