iPad Air sells out in two hours on Hong Kong Online Apple Store

In-store sales of the iPad Air will not begin in Hong Kong until November 2

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 November, 2013, 7:51pm
UPDATED : Friday, 01 November, 2013, 8:03pm

Apple’s newest iteration of its famous tablet, the iPad Air, has sold out in Hong Kong two hours after the device first became available for orders online.

The Hong Kong version of Apple’s Online Store began displaying the iPad around midnight today, with estimated delivery of one to two weeks.

After about two hours, orders for all versions of the tablet were listed as “Currently Unavailable,” and the electronics company has yet to release information detailing when the product will be sold again.

Electronics websites such as Apple Insider speculated that the tablet may have sold out in record time largely thanks to mainland buyers and scalpers who purchased massive quantities in Hong Kong for future sale in mainland China cities.

Many members of China's Sina Weibo social network verified these suspicions, with several claiming that they had managed to reserve the device and were willing to sell it to interested buyers. 

"Reserved an iPad Air [in Hong Kong]," one wrote. "I heard it's out of stock now. Contact me to discuss selling price." 

"Just bought the 16 gigabyte white wi-fi version of the iPad Air," another netizen wrote. "3,888 Hong Kong dollars, which directly translates into [about] 3,060 yuan. Really cheap."

The iPad Air is competitively priced in Hong Kong, where a basic 16 gigabyte model starts at HK$ 3,888. In the mainland, the device starts at 3,588 yuan (HK$ 45,60).

Widely lauded for its sleek model and fast processor, the iPad Air launched in 42 countries around the globe today, and is currently also sold out in the New Zealand Apple Online Store.

In-store sales of the device in Hong Kong will not begin until tomorrow, when customers will be able to visit stores and reserve it via the reservations system that Apple uses for all of its new hardware releases.