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China news round-up: Taiyuan investigation proceeds, Chen Deming to visit Taiwan

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 07 November, 2013, 7:54am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 November, 2013, 7:58am

China Business News*
Taiyuan bombing: A suspect is thought to have planted the explosive devices around 7am and left in a black Volkswagen Santana.
Agence-France Presse
China's top negotiator with Taiwan Chen Deming is expected to visit the island before year-end in his first trip to Taipei.
Supreme People's Court Monitor
Reforms to China’s dispute resolution systems at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone are moving rapidly.
Southern Metropolis Daily*
Xie Pengfei, a former deputy secretary general with the Guangdong provincial government, is standing trial today in Chaozhou.

Wall Street Journal
Over unassuming meals, members of the New Citizen Movement try to lay the groundwork for democratizing China.
China Labour Bulletin
Frustrations with low pay, wage arrears and poor, often hazardous, working conditions led to an increase in strikes and worker protests last month.
China Media Project
"Checking abuses in the media cannot depend on moral restraint alone, just as the war on corruption has to be supported by legal mechanisms that at present don’t exist," writes media scholar Zhan Jiang.
Ministry of Culture stops issuing permits for internet cafes.

New York Times
Two Chinese banks that sold nearly US$2 billion worth of shares in Hong Kong stock market listings got lukewarm receptions from investors concerned about how China’s financial system will cope with a potential deluge of bad debt.
The Guardian
Undercover filming points to human rights violations at Dell supplier Mingshuo Computers.
Tech in Asia
A report shows 100 million smartphones have been shipped in the Greater China region the third quarter, with that area recording the highest growth, up 64 percent year-on-year, anywhere in the world.
China’s corn harvest is poised to decline for the first time in four years after flooding in its biggest-producing province and drought in its fifth largest cut yields, easing a global glut as the US reaps a record crop.

Foreign affairs
Global Times
Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force has deployed surface-to-ship missiles on Okinawa's Miyako Island in an unprecedented move that "experts say is targeted at blocking the Chinese navy".
Radio Free Asia
Laos moves to regulate undocumented foreign workers, many are from China.
British Columbia officials say their plan was to sell 500 million yuan worth in one-year offshore yuan-denominated bonds, but oversubscribing pushed the amount raised up five times.
Global Post
A Chinese property developer wants to turn Modderfontein, a dull, soulless area of semi-industrial sprawl, outside Johannesburg into the “New York of Africa”.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.