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China news round-up: Chongqing cadres hand in 'hongbao', Japan to revise Self-Defense Law

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 February, 2014, 8:18am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 February, 2014, 8:23am
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New York Review of Books
"The sense that the government is thumping its chest and having this nationalistic tone, it’s a bit like whistling in the dark," says Richard Madsen.
New York Times
"For many party officials, the more sharply they are criticized, the more embarrassingly their lack of administrative acumen is exposed," writes Yu Hua.
Guangming Daily*
Chongqing officials "voluntarily" pass on 65.8 million yuan they received in "red envelopes" to the municipal government.
Tea Leaf Nation
It’s hard to criticize Premier Li Keqiang for pushing back against abuse of the secrecy law by wayward Chinese officials, who long ago discovered that they could bury incriminating material by classifying it as secret.
Fei Chang Dao
China File 
Some Red Guards have issued public apologies to their victims, a rare example of the ruling party allowing public discussion of its historic mistakes.
Tech in Asia
Tencent's QQ peaked at 32.7 million messages in one minute during Chinese New Year, compared to Wechat's 10 million, Sina Weibo's 863,000.
Some 66.1 per cent of family assets were in housing in 2013, a national survey of about 28,000 households shows.
East Asia Forum
There are many individuals and corporations that would gladly choose a bank loan over financing in the informal curb market but cannot obtain it, and three to five private banks won’t be enough to satisfy demand.
For now, at least, it appears that the CSRC is co-operating with the SEC to obtain documents from Deloitte China.
Some Americans have called the next Amazon of China. Upon closer look in the IPO filing though, JD seems to be more like the of China or the next Dangdang from China.
Foreign affairs
Bangkok Post
China pulls rice deal: "The government will be able to resell the pledged rice for at most between 10 billion and 15 billion baht while the total amount of money to be paid to the farmers was 124 billion baht." 
Chosun Ilbo
US Secretary of State John Kerry "is probably aware that interest in reunification has increased in [South] Korea," said an unnamed South Korean government official.
Yomiuri Shimbun
The Japanese  government will revise the Self-Defense Forces Law to allow SDF personnel to deal with the so-called minor incidents.
The Australian
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