Meet 'Square Head Bro', the Taiwanese man with the blockhead hairstyle

Wu Guoren's hair requires two hours of styling and at least two bottles of hair gel

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 July, 2014, 6:10pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 July, 2014, 7:20pm

A Taiwanese man looking for love has developed an unorthodox “square head” hairstyle designed to attract the ladies.

54-year-old Wu Guoren, a medical scientist at National Taiwan University Hospital, received his five minutes of fame after news of his bizarre hair appeared on Taiwanese television last week.

Wu, whose hair casts a 90 degrees right angle silhouette, told local reporters that he was still single and had difficulty attracting women, despite having a decent job that afforded him a salary of 70,000 Taiwan dollars a month (HK$18,000).

After being rejected by a girl, the dramatic hairstyle was adopted in an effort to “look more like a young guy in his 20s or 30s”, Wu said.

According to reports in Taiwanese news portal ETtoday.net, Wu’s hair is about eight centimeters tall and requires at least two hours of styling and two bottles of hair gel.

Because of the delicate nature of his hair, Wu said he only combs it once every 15 days.

Wu’s dramatic sense of style has made him a minor celebrity in Taipei, with numerous people affectionately calling him the “Square Head Bro” and stopping him on the street to take photographs.

Cherng, a well-known Taiwanese cartoonist, even drew a caricature of Wu and posted it on Facebook, commenting that his striking figure was unforgettable.

Others have compared Wu’s hair to the blocky, pixelated characters from the popular video game Minecraft.

It is currently unclear if the “square head” hairstyle has actually helped Wu with women.