China food safety

Eight officials sacked after pork from diseased pigs sold for food in China

Traders in Gaoan in eastern China alleged to have sold infected meat for nearly a decade

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 December, 2014, 11:48am
UPDATED : Monday, 29 December, 2014, 1:50pm

Eight officials in Gaoan in the eastern province of Jiangxi in China have been sacked after a state media report that pork from diseased pigs was sold by traders.

The city’s police have also raided an underground slaughterhouse and detained 12 suspects allegedly involved in the sale of unsafe pork, Xinhua reported.

State television reported some dealers in the area have been buying diseased pigs for nearly 10 years, some of which had foot-and-mouth disease that could infect people.

Dealers would then send the pigs to slaughterhouses to produce smoked pork products or sausages.

The television report said it is estimated about 70,000 animals were processed each year in the illegal trade.

The unsafe products were sold in Guangdong, Hunan, Chongqing, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shandong, according to the report.

State television said some insurance companies were also involved in the trade.

The firms have been accused of leaking information about the deaths of pigs to the illegal meat traders.

Gaoan is one of the largest pig farming centres in China.