All postal packages to Beijing to be scanned in security drive for military parade

Security checks part of safety drive for second world war anniversary parade

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 August, 2015, 11:37pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 August, 2015, 11:37pm

All postal packages sent to Beijing will be scanned and subject to security checks as part of safety measures ahead of a military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war.

In addition, senders and receivers of packages would need to register their real names, China State Postal Bureau chief Ma Junsheng said on Saturday, according to the bureau's website.

All postal service departments would work together to build a comprehensive surveillance system for the anniversary, Ma said.

Beijing has declared September 3 "Victory Day" to mark Japan's surrender. It has made the date a public holiday, for this year only, with a huge military parade to be staged in the heart of Beijing.

The following two days will also be public holidays.

Beijing has previously said it will close two airports - Beijing Capital International Airport and the smaller Nanyuan Airport - between 9.30am and 12.30pm on September 3, as the parade takes place.

To ease traffic pressure and improve air quality, Beijing will implement a 14-day selective traffic ban from August 20. Cars in the capital will be allowed on the roads only on alternate days, depending on their licence plate number, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

The new rules on postal packages have triggered concerns among the country's burgeoning online-shopping enthusiasts that shipments may be delayed.

Amy Han, an office worker in Beijing who recently ordered some goods from Hong Kong on the online shopping platform said she was quite worried that she might not receive her package before leaving for a trip later this month.