Chinese bus hijack: unborn child becomes latest victim after knifeman rampages through streets of Longyan

  • Mother fighting for life after loss of her unborn child
  • Witness says suspect calmly walked away from scene of stabbings
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 December, 2018, 2:26pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 December, 2018, 11:27pm

A woman is fighting for her life after losing her unborn baby in the deadly bus attack in southeastern Fujian province on Tuesday which killed eight people and injured 22 others, mainland media reported.

The bus – hijacked by a man armed with a knife – crashed through 400 metres (440 yards) of busy roads in Longyan city, knocking over pedestrians, motorcycles and cars.

The incident took place at about 3.20pm on Tuesday. Longyan government identified the suspect as a 48-year-old unemployed man called Qiu. CCTV reported that Qiu had been involved in a dispute with officials earlier in the day over health care for his father.

A report from FJTV News said Qiu killed a local government official with a long knife and cut the throat of a police officer before boarding the bus.

The officer gave chase but collapsed and died, a witness told

“He [Qiu ] hid his knife in his vest and walked off, he didn’t look like he was rushing anywhere. A woman official later ran out to chase after him but lost him,” the witness said.

8 killed, 22 hurt as knife-wielding man hijacks bus in southeast China

The man boarded a route 35 bus and stabbed the driver, who had let the passengers off before fleeing. A forensic police officer, who was on board, put up a fight with the knifeman and was stabbed in the abdomen and head.

Both the driver and the police officer survived, FJTV News said.

Taking the wheel of the bus, the man drove at high speed through downtown.

“We all shouted at the bus, which was empty except for the driver, to stop, but it continued on the rampage,” a fruit stall owner told Red Star News.

“I saw the bus race along while dragging someone. We shouted at the driver, ‘Stop, there is someone under the bus,’ but the driver did not stop,” a receptionist was quoted as saying.

Knife-wielding man drives into crowd, kills 2 in east China

The bus came to a halt near Longyan People’s Hospital and the driver got out. Online video showed he was overpowered by police officers.

The injured, including one in critical condition, were treated in three hospitals in Longyan city and were offered psychological counselling, FJTV News said.

Prosecutors in Longyan and Xinluo district are assisting with the investigation, Longyan People’s Procuratorate said.