Newborn Chinese baby abandoned and ‘buried for 8 days’ survives

Child abandoned by parents in cemetery and found after woman heard him crying, according to news website report

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 May, 2015, 11:39am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 May, 2015, 6:17pm

A newborn baby boy has survived after he was abandoned and later partially buried in a cemetery for eight days in southern China, according to a news website report.

A woman was scared by the sound of a baby crying, apparently underground, when she walked through the cemetery in the Guangxi region, the news website reported.

She rushed back to her village for help and a Buddhist man, aged 75, went to investigate.

He called the police in Tiandong county near the city of Baise, the regional news website said.

Police dug several centimetres under the ground, according to the article, and found the boy with a cleft lip crying in a cardboard box.

The report said the baby survived because rainwater and air were able to circulate in his burial space.

Police have traced the baby’s parents, who confessed that their relatives helped abandoned the baby at the graveyard on April 24 and buried him underground two days later.

Cities around China have set up centres where impoverished parents can leave their babies to be cared for by the authorities.

Many of the children are ill or disabled.