Hong Kong star Edison Chen 'in fight with queue-jumper at Shanghai airport' seven years after sex scandal

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 September, 2015, 3:58pm
UPDATED : Monday, 07 September, 2015, 5:35pm

Hong Kong-Canadian star Edison Chen Koon-hei, who made headlines with a sex-photo scandal in the city seven years ago, was back in the news after apparently getting into a fight with a queue-jumper at an aiport in Shanghai on Saturday, Thepaper.cn reports.

Photos captured by witnesses and later uploaded online show a middle-aged man grabbing Chen’s collar in front of a check-in counter at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

A video clip also shows the man accusing Chen, in a green T-shirt, of throwing away his ID card during the quarrel. They also had some physical contact.

Police soon arrived at the scene and the two were taken to the airport police station, witnesses said.

Police later told the Shanghai-based news portal that staff of Juneyao Airlines reported a scuffle at the check-in between two passengers at about 1pm Saturday, when conflict occurred between two passengers in line for check-in.

The two men the left the police station after reaching a settlement. It’s believed no charges were laid.

Chinese internet users applauded Chen's action.

“Chen shouldn’t have thrown other man’s ID card, but he should not be punished for stopping someone who jumped the queue,” Ding Jinkun, a lawyer, said on his Weibo microblog.

“Another question worth thinking about is how to stop queue-jumping,” Ding added.

Chen was involved in a sex-photo scandal that rocked the Hong Kong entertainment industry in early 2008 after private photos of the actor/singer having sex with a number of celebrities were leaked and circulated online.