The husband was expected to make a full recovery thanks to timely treatment.

Damaged goods: Morning gory for husband as wife's mid-sex dash for Singles Day bargain leads to painful end


In one of Single Day’s more unusual stories, a husband has his penis fractured while making love to his wife when she suddenly rolled over to grab her mobile phone to start shopping online, the Chongqing Morning Post reports.

She had set the phone’s clock alarm to midnight so she wouldn’t miss the starting bell to catch the best bargains on Wednesday.

But as she got up from bed to start shopping, her husband gave out a loud, painful yell.

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A quick inspection revealed no obvious damage, but by morning the penis had became very swollen and purple.

Hospital checks showed the man’s Corpora cavernosa had ruptured when his wife suddenly changed position on bed.

The husband was expected to make a full recovery as he had received medical treatment on time.