Meth-addled passenger forces Chinese airliner into emergency landing after bomb claim

Woman later found by police in Guangzhou to be on drugs

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 January, 2016, 12:15pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 January, 2016, 6:56pm

A woman has been held by the police after she lied that she had bomb with her on board an airliner in China and caused the flight to make an emergency landing, according to a newspaper report.

The woman was later found to have taken the drug methamphetamine, the New Express said.

The Shandong Airlines flight was heading from Haikou on Hainan island to Jinan in Shandong province on Wednesday night, according to the report.

It was forced to stop in Guangzhou after the passenger said she had a bomb.

Police evacuated all the passengers from the aircraft and a search later failed to find any explosives on board.

A urine test showed the woman from Jinan, 28, had taken the drug, the report said.

Passengers and crew members were quoted as saying that she acted strangely and talked to herself before she made the claim.

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The plane took off from Guangzhou after a second security check and finally landed in Jinan on Thursday morning.

A similar incident happened on a flight from Xishuangbanna to Kunming in Yunnan province in November, according to the state-run news agency Xinhua. A passenger claimed he had a bomb in a box.