Chinese man and mistress ‘planned wife’s murder for a year’, court hears in case over woman’s death in road collision

Lovers previously tried to kill the woman with poison but failed, so the man lured her out for his mistress to run her over, prosecutors say

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 March, 2016, 6:42pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 March, 2016, 11:00pm

It was a murder a year in the making. A Chinese man and his mistress had finally succeeded in killing the man’s wife after several failed attempts.

That was what a court in eastern China’s Anhui province heard on Wednesday, according to Anhui Business Daily.

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The man, identified only by his surname Wu, and his mistress, Li, are charged with killing Wu’s wife, Yin.

Wu pleaded guilty. The paper did not say if Li also pleaded guilty.

The pair went about meticulously planning the murder and allegedly carried out the deed last August, the Fuyang intermediate court heard.

Yin was killed after the man allegedly directed his mistress to run her over in a rented car.

Yin was on an electric bicycle with their seven-year-old daughter riding pillion when she was run over, the report said.

The court heard that Wu had lured Yin out of the house by saying his truck had had a flat tire. He told her to pick him up at an agreed location.

Meanwhile, Wu allegedly had his mistress wait in a rented car near their home with the instruction to run his wife over when she appeared.

But when Li saw Yin with the child, she hesitated and texted Wu for further instruction. Wu replied that she should “do as you see fit”, the court was told.

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Li then drove the car into the mother and daughter, causing Yin’s death, prosecutors said. The child suffered minor injuries.

Upon confirming his wife’s death, Wu texted Li to say their plan had been a “success” and that they could now “be together forever”, the court was told.

The court also heard that Wu and Li had planned to kill his wife since 2014.

The pair had bought aflatoxin, a poisonous chemical, online and allegedly tried to kill Wu with it. But they failed in their attempts, according to the report. It did not say how or why they failed.

In court, Wu and Li expressed remorse over their alleged deeds, according to the report. The pair are awaiting the verdict.