Corruption in China

New alleged victims come forward after intern’s rape claim against journalist at Chinese provincial government newspaper

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 June, 2016, 2:47pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 June, 2016, 3:03pm

More alleged victims are reportedly coming forward after a 29-year-old newspaper journalist working for the mouthpiece of Guangdong provincial government was accused of raping a 21-year-old intern.

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According to a brief online statement released by Guangzhou Public Security Bureau on Tuesday evening, a woman filed a police report with Tianhe district police on Monday evening, claiming she has been raped in Yuexiu district.

After preliminary investigation, a 21-year-old Year Three university student reported she was raped by a 29-year-old man in a hotel ... whom she had met during her internship
Guangzhou Public Security Bureau statement

“After preliminary investigation, a 21-year-old Year Three university student reported she was raped by a 29-year-old man in a hotel on Xiyouer Road, whom she had met during her internship,” the statement said.

Hours before the police statement, the victim had also released an online statement detailing the alleged incident, where she claimed she was raped by a journalist working at the newspaper, the Nanfang Daily. She also named the journalist in her online statement.

More alleged victims had contacted the intern after seeing her online statement, and claimed that the accused had also attempted to lure them into hotel rooms for sex, the online news portal reported the victim as saying.

The Nanfang Daily is a Guangdong provincial government mouthpiece, which means the accused is a civil servant.

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In response to the allegation, the Nanfang Fang Media Group said it had already launched an investigation and also pledged to “seriously handle” the case once all the facts had been confirmed.

According to various media reports, the victim was cited as claiming that, having completed a two-month internship, which started in January, she had approached the accused on Monday to ask for a letter confirming her internship.

After completing the administrative procedures, the victim claimed the journalist had asked her out for a coffee on Monday afternoon.

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On their way to a café, the victim alleged that the accused had grabbed her personal identification and then led her to a hotel room.

It was alleged that the woman was raped in the room by the accused, who had reportedly ordered her to take a shower, bought her contraception pills and later gave her 2,000 yuan (HK$2,300).

The victim was quoted as claiming that the accused had repeatedly forced himself on her before the alleged rape.