Extreme weather in China

Typhoon Nepartak brings chaos to eastern China

First typhoon of the season causes casualties and damage along with hasty relocation of 420,000 residents in four cities in Fujian

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 July, 2016, 1:02am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 July, 2016, 1:43am

Near half million people in Fujian province have been evacuated after Typhoon Nepartak has inflicted huge damage on Saturday, making landfall and flooding.

According to local weather bureau, the first typhoon of the season landed at 1:45 pm on Saturday in Shishi City, packing winds of up to about 100 km per hour.

An incomplete estimation showed more than 420,000 people in four cities, including the provincial capital of Fuzhou, have been urgently relocated.

China News Service said 18 workers in a iron factory in Gutian county was trapped on Saturday by a landslide that caused by days of downpours over the past days. All the workers were rescued after more than 50 armed police officers and 20 firefighters were sent to the site.

A red rainstorm alert was issued in nearby city of Putian after more than 250 mm of rain fell in about four hours early on Saturday, seeing nearly 23,000 people have fanned out to check over-strained water management systems, Xinhua said.

Forty-three people in a residential area were rescued by firefighters after floodwaters submersed two buildings in the city. Many buildings have collapsed and landslides were reported in rural and mountainous areas, it added.

Typhoon Nepartak heads towards Fujian after slamming into Taiwan

Part of a flyover connecting a highway in capital city Fuzhou’s Minqing county collapsed after the typhoon, causing at least one truck fell into Xikou River in the county.

Five airports in Fujian have been closed, resulting in the cancellation of nearly 400 flights. A total of 341 high-speed trains have also been cancelled, sand almost 5,000 buses, Xinhua added.

Local authorities said more than 33,000 fishing boats are taking shelter in port, while power supply is out in some remote areas.

Ferry services and flights between Fujian and Taiwan were halted Friday, as were trains running between cities in Fujian and the neighbouring provinces of Jiangxi and Zhejiang.

The local government had also asked ships at sea to dock and all fishermen to evacuate, with 66 tugs and three helicopters lined up to help, Chinese official news portal reported Friday.

Orders were issued for work on all sea-related construction to be stopped and all staff evacuated, and all coastal tourist spots and parks were closed, it said.

Super Typhoon Nepartak: Taiwan and flood-hit mainland China brace as storm barrels in

Super Typhoon Nepartak brought chaos to Taiwan and killed three and 311 injured, forcing more than 15,000 people to flee their homes as the strongest winds in over a century lashed part of the island.

Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) said agricultural losses from the damage wrought by Nepartak have been initially estimated at N$776.93 million (US$24.1 million), with Taitung County being the worst-hit area with suffering 87 per cent.

Typhoon Nepartak made first landfall early on Friday in eastern Taiwan, packing winds of up to 190 km per hour, gusting up to 234 km per hour.

Schools and government offices have been closed since Friday in municipalities and counties across in Taiwan, including Taipei, the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration said in a statement on its website