Two men stabbed to death during ATM robbery in southern China

Police capture suspected assailant who did nothing to conceal his identity during early evening attack on a busy street

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 April, 2017, 4:23pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 16 January, 2018, 3:23pm

Two men were stabbed to death southern China on Saturday as they withdrew money at an ATM on a busy evening, a local newspaper reports.

The suspect, who did not even try to conceal his identity – and at one stage looked directly at the surveillance camera during the assault – was captured on Sunday, the Guangzhou Daily reports.

ATM robberies are not rare in China, but the attack in Shantou, Guangdong province was revealed by surveillance video footage in unnerving detail.

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The suspect, a medium-sized man, carried a knife concealed in a rolled-up newspaper. There were two other men in the ATM room, one at the machine and the other waiting behind.

The suspect then slowly unwrapped the newspaper, which drew a stare from the waiting man.

He then jumped on the man and plunged the knife into his neck, repeatedly stabbing the victim as he struggled to the door.

The other man fled when the suspect waved the knife at him. The suspect took some cash from the machine and then ran out of the door after him.

Police later found two bodies on the street, both lying in pools of blood resulting from knife injuries. A large-scale manhunt was launched and the suspect was found on Sunday, authorities said.

The ATM was located in a busy urban area, and the assaults took place at about 6pm, with many vehicles and pedestrians outside.

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Unlike most other ATM robberies, the suspect did not wear cap or mask to conceal his identity. At one stage he even looked directly at the wall-mounted camera, providing a good view of his face.

In 2013, a woman taking money from ATM machine in Chaoyang, Liaoning province was shot in the head by a man carrying a pistol. She survived but remains permanently bedridden from her injuries. Her attacker was sentenced to death, suspended for two years.

Two years ago, a man in Shenzhen was stabbed to death by two robbers at an ATM after giving them the money in his card.

Earlier this year, four people in Baotou, Inner Mongolia were robbed at different ATMs over a couple of weeks by two knife-wielding suspects, who were arrested in February. Police said one suspect was unemployed while the other had a job than earned only about 1,000 yuan (US$145) a month.