China cartoons to feature Transformers, hero from Chinese myth

CCTV agrees animation project with US firm Hasbro featuring the popular toys plus the mythical character Nezha, but many internet users on the mainland are unhappy

PUBLISHED : Friday, 14 July, 2017, 11:15am
UPDATED : Friday, 14 July, 2017, 12:05pm

China’s state broadcaster CCTV and the US toy and game company Hasbro are to make cartoons featuring the Transformers and Nezha, a character from ancient Chinese mythology.

The two sides have reached agreement on production and legal issues, plus intellectual property rights after several rounds of talks, China Central Television said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The project was described in the statement as a milestone in cooperation between the two countries in producing animated films.

No details were given of when any films might be released.

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Nezha is Taoist god with superhuman powers who is also featured in Chinese literature. He also regularly appears in Chinese television series and cartoons.

Transformer toys were later developed into series of films, which have proved hugely popular in China.

Many internet users on the mainland, however, were far from excited by the prospect of the latest collaboration.

“My childhood memories will be ruined,” one person wrote.

Another joked: “Maybe we could soon see scenes of the Monkey King fighting against the Black Widow,” referring to two more character from Chinese mythology and American comic books.

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Some Transformers fans overseas were more positive.

“Very bizarre but I’m interested,” one wrote on a fan website.

Another said: “Some mythologies are ongoing. Nezha has been portrayed as a robot or in a robotic suit by some. I can honestly say this will work out nicely.”