Chinese woman missing after travelling alone in Japan

Family of Wei Qiujie concerned for her safety after she failed to return home as planned this week

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 27 July, 2017, 2:37pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 27 July, 2017, 2:37pm

The family of a woman who went missing while travelling alone in Japan has appealed for help to find her, a newspaper reported.

Wei Qiujie, 27, a primary school teacher from Nanping in Fujian province, was due to return home on Tuesday after her week-long trip in Japan, but did not arrive, the Southern Metropolis News reported.

She was last in contact with her family on Saturday afternoon and there is no record of her boarding her flight or leaving Japan.

Her family has circulated her photographs and personal details on social media asking for help tracing her.

Wei appeared fine before she went missing, the woman’s brother was quoted as saying.

A friend was also told the newspaper: “She said in a group chat on Friday that there were many Chinese in Japan who could help her with directions at stations.”

Wei left her hotel in Sapporo in northern Japan the following day, leaving her bulky luggage at the hotel, and has not been in contact since.

The hotel contacted the police on Sunday after she did not return for the night and failed to check out.

Wei’s brother said the family had also reported the matter to the local police and provided her personal details.

An unnamed member of staff at the Chinese consulate general in Sapporo told the newspaper the woman’s family has contacted them for help.

“Unlike big cities such as Tokyo, there are fewer people on Hokkaido [island]. We will keep in contact with police,” the staff member said.