Tourists have themselves delivered to Beijing university to bypass queues

Family of four caught trying to sneak past security guards at Tsinghua University in the back of a van

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 August, 2017, 4:42pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 August, 2017, 7:49pm

Enterprising delivery drivers with links to one of China’s most prestigious universities are cashing in on their ability to sneak tourists inside the grounds of the hallowed institution, mainland media reported.

Thousands of Chinese flock to the historic Tsinghua University campus in Beijing during the summer months, which means it can often take hours to get in. That is unless you have a contact on the inside.

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According to a report by Beijing Youth Daily on Sunday, a couple and their two children were caught on Friday huddled inside a delivery van as it tried to enter the university via its east gate.

“The driver said he could get us in for 20 yuan (US$3) each. We agreed,” the mother was quoted as saying.

She said that the family had queued up all morning to get in but then was told they would have to try again after lunch.

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“I didn’t want the kids to have to line up again in the heat, so we went to the driver,” she said.

She might have been better off speaking to the owner of an electric bicycle seen outside the grounds, who was quoted as saying he had an employee’s pass and could take passengers in for 50 yuan a time.

Another foiled attempt was made by a woman who bought a debit card for the university canteen from an unnamed third party for 60 yuan, the report said.

She said she was told it would get her past the security checks without a hitch. It didn’t. It was out of date.

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The waiting times at another of Beijing’s top seats of learning – Peking University – were equally long on Friday, but that didn’t deter an enterprising family of six from jumping straight to the front of the queue, the report said.

Instead of waiting with everyone else, the group simply bought six tickets for a movie that was being shown inside the campus.