Beijing’s unfinished skyscrapers become a magnet for daredevils

Thrill-seeking youngsters share photos of themselves on top of half-built towers and offer tips on how best to get to the top

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 September, 2017, 3:03pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 September, 2017, 3:29pm

Two half-finished buildings in downtown Beijing have become hotspots for thrill-seekers who enjoy posing for photos of themselves on top of them.

The buildings are part of the Guoson Centre, located in the business hub of Dongzhimen, and have been under construction since 2000.

They are now splattered with graffiti left by the so-called urban climbers, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Sunday.

Since 2014, the adventurers have been evading security to make their ascent inside the two buildings and snap breathtaking photos from the top.

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The buildings have become so popular within the community that climbers have been sharing detailed instructions online to help their peers circumvent fences and overcome “difficult points”, the report said.

In a photo that appeared online in April, a group of climbers were shown sitting on steel racks near the top of one building, with the rest of the city beneath their feet.

Many visitors have written “I have been here” and the dates of their climbs on the walls, the report said.

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The Guoson centre is a commercial complex that occupies a 510,000 square-metre area in eastern Beijing. The unfinished development has changed hands multiple times and construction was halted amid a long-running dispute between partners, according to an earlier report by Beijing Commercial Daily.