Chinese court hears cases ankle-deep in floodwater

Officials in Nanjing praised on the internet for working on despite the adverse conditions

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 September, 2017, 3:33pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 September, 2017, 6:35pm

A video has circulated on social media in China of a trial taking place in a partially flooded courtroom.

The footage shows court officials going through evidence with water lapping their ankles, Yangtse Evening Post reported.

The video appears to have been filmed at Nanjing Qixia People’s Court in Jiangsu province on Monday, according to the article.

The area had been hit by heavy rain and road-widening construction work meant drains were not working properly near the courthouse, the report said.

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Five court sessions took place on the day of the flooding, the report said, adding that some people taking part in the hearings left the building in a canoe.

The legal officials were praised by internet users in China.

“It is not easy for the lawyer or the judge, but legal professionals are so strict that the hearing must go on at the set time even if there are problems,” wrote a person claiming to be a lawyer.

Some internet users suggested that the court could not afford to postpone cases because of lengthy backlogs.