Chinese rubbish crew rise to steep challenge along Yangtze River

Chongqing cleaners put themselves at risk to rid embankment of dangerous trash

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 October, 2017, 2:36pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 October, 2017, 2:36pm

A cleaning crew in southwest China have added rock climbing to their skills, braving sheer slopes along the Yangtze River to retrieve some of the tonnes of rubbish dumped by the waterway.

Each month the cleaners lower one of the four-member crew down the embankment on a rope near Juibin Road, a busy thoroughfare in Chongqing, according to the Chongqing Evening News.

Crew member Qian Guanghong said they picked up everything from plastic bags to furniture thought to have been dumped by people living nearby.

“We clear one tonne of rubbish every time,” Qian said.

He said it was important to clear the rubbish because it could build up and lead to a landslide, endangering pedestrians along the river’s edge.

The crew had to work as a team, with three people holding on to the rope to make sure the cleaner in the harness could be pulled to safety, the report said.