Watch this Chinese Audi driver’s miraculous escape after falling crane crushes his car

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 October, 2017, 3:38pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 18 October, 2017, 3:51pm

A motorist had a narrow escape in southern China after the arm of a huge construction crane fell onto a road and crushed the front of his Audi.

The incident happened on a stretch of highway near Zhuhai in Guangdong province on Tuesday, according to the Chinese video-sharing website

Video footage shows the crane smashing onto the road, crushing the front of the white vehicle which was moving slowly away from a junction at the time.

After a heart-stopping pause, the video shows the driver pull himself out of the car, while other motorists come forward to help him.

The unnamed man fractured his right ankle in the accident and was taken to hospital for treatment, according to the report.

People commenting on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, were amazed by the man’s lucky escape.

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“If he had driven forward two metres, he’d be dead! The guy must be blessed,” one person posted.

The cause of the accident is yet to be determined.