Chinese grandmother becomes social media star after sharing pictures of road trip that left her‘as happy as a little kid’

Son took his 89-year-old mother round the northwest of the country to ensure she would not be bored sitting at home all day

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 22 October, 2017, 7:52pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 22 October, 2017, 7:52pm

A man’s road trip with his 89-year-old mother around northwestern China has been applauded by social media users.

“She is a 89-year-old granny but now she’s just as happy as a little kid,” the son, only identified by his surname Duan, told Chongqing Economic Times.

Duan, 54, lives with his mother Yang Maocai, in Chongqing.

Duan said that he could not bear to see his ageing mother spending the whole day watching TV just to kill time.

The pair left Chongqing on October 4, and during the next two weeks, they explored Inner Monglia’s desert and forest, the satellite launch centre in Jiuquan in Gansu’s Gebi desert, and the mountains of the Richthofen Range in Qinghai province.

Photos the mother took and posted on her Friend Circle on her WeChat social media messaging app were applauded by family and friends before being reported by local media. One of the posts had earned more than 8,000 likes by Saturday afternoon

To ensure his mother’s well-being, Duan said he had brought medicine along and chose roads that were in a good condition.

“People in my mother’s generation suffered a lot when they were young, so they are not as fragile as we think,” Duan said.