Chinese man carries his disabled wife up sacred mountain so she can realise her dream

Accident in 2001 left woman in coma, but husband never gave up hope and sang to her every day until she woke

PUBLISHED : Monday, 23 October, 2017, 3:02pm
UPDATED : Monday, 23 October, 2017, 7:27pm

A man from a small village in eastern China was so determined to help his disabled wife achieve her dream of reaching the peak of a local sacred mountain that he carried her there on his back, local media reported.

Song Qinghua, from Liaoqing in Shandong province, has been confined to a wheelchair since waking from a coma into which she fell after an accident at work in 2001, reported on Sunday. It did not elaborate on the nature of the accident or when she recovered from the coma.

Although Song, now 42, was unresponsive for several years after the accident, which happened just a month after she had given birth to the couple’s son, her husband Zhang Yuhua refused to give up hope.

A keen amateur singer he serenaded his wife every day for month after month, until one day she regained consciousness.

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“When she woke up she had a dream to go to Mount Tai,” Zhang said. “It’s a dream place where everyone from Shandong wants to go.”

The 1,532-metre peak is one of the Five Great Mountains of China, which have great spiritual and religious significance for many Chinese people.

Over time, Song’s health improved but she never fully regained the use of her arms and legs, and now relies on a wheelchair to get around, the report said.

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However, Zhang was determined to help her realise her dream, so with the help of a few friends, he strapped his wife – still in her wheelchair – to his back and set off. The group began the trek at 8am on Sunday and eight hours later they arrived at the top.

“It’s beautiful and [I am] happy,” Song told her husband once they reached the summit.