Watch Chinese firefighters pull toddler out of well

Video footage shows how rescuers had to dig boy out of six-metre deep hole

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 26 October, 2017, 1:12pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 26 October, 2017, 3:37pm

Dramatic video footage has emerged of a two-year-old boy being rescued by firefighters from a six-metre well in eastern China.

Zhang Zeyun fell into the well at a construction site in the city of Haian, Jiangsu province, on Thursday and was trapped for two hours before a rescue team was able to reach him, news website reported on Saturday.

The toddler’s mother, Wang Yongbi, said she had been playing with her son in the Binhai New Area of the city when he plunged down the shaft.

“He was in front and I was behind,” she said. “He was running about all over the place, then I saw him fall,” she was quoted as saying.

Wang said she called the police and firefighters, who immediately dispatched an emergency rescue team.

“We heard the child crying, so we contacted the local government and they arranged for excavators to be sent [to the site],” lead firefighter Zhu Conghai said.

“We had to dig out the earth around where the child was trapped and demolish a sewer,” he said. “It was the only way we could rescue the child.”

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Firefighters used life-detecting equipment and portable oxygen during the rescue effort, the report said.

“We kept talking to the child to comfort him and so he wouldn’t cry, or get impatient or anxious,” another firefighter said. “We also gave him some food to eat.”

After two hours of digging, the rescuers were able to reach the toddler who was pulled to safety and handed back to his mother.