Clouds or waterfall? Rare sight for Chinese nature reserve visitors

Sea of clouds filmed tumbling down mountain after heavy rainfall in Shennongjia Forest District

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 November, 2017, 4:48pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 01 November, 2017, 4:48pm

Visitors to a nature reserve in central China were treated to the rare sight of a vast sea of clouds cascading down a mountain like a waterfall on Monday morning.

The spectacular scene came after heavy rainfall in the Shennongjia Forest District, a Unesco World Heritage Site known for its pristine forests and mountains, state broadcaster CCTV reported on Tuesday.

The nature reserve in Hubei province is home to several rare and endangered species, including golden monkeys.

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The sea of clouds continued rolling for four hours, allowing plenty of time for it to be filmed and photographed.

An overcast layer of cloud that forms in very stable air mass conditions, usually over valleys or seas, it is not an unusual sight over Shennongjia’s mountains, but the “waterfall” phenomenon is rarely seen.

The highest peak in the nature reserve stands at 3,106m above sea level and is named after Shennong, the “God Farmer”.

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