Chinese murder suspect arrested after nearly 22 years on the run

Man was accused of stabbing his roommate to death at a vocational school in Guangzhou in 1995, according to newspaper reports

PUBLISHED : Friday, 17 November, 2017, 11:53am
UPDATED : Friday, 17 November, 2017, 3:13pm

A fugitive suspected of killing a school roommate nearly 22 years ago has been caught by the police in southern China, according to a newspaper report.

The arrest was made as part of a nationwide campaign to track down 220 violent fugitives, Guangzhou Daily reported on Thursday.

The man was accused of stabbing his roommate to death at a vocational school in Guangzhou in 1995. The suspect, whose full name was not given in the report, had allegedly been blackmailing his victim.

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The man was on the run from the age of 18, changing his name and later moving to Xian in northern Shaanxi province.

He finally returned to Guangdong province in southern China and started a new life with the help of his wealthy parents, according to the article. He had to keep a low profile in case he was recognised.

The man managed to set up a foreign trade business, got married and had a son.

His wife became suspicious about his background because his name did not tally with people he said were his relatives. He claimed he was adopted.

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Police arrested the man last month after he attended a family gathering. Officers had kept watch outside his parent’s home in Jieyang in Guangdong for more than 30 hours and arrested the suspect when he left the compound.

Police were quoted as saying they had lost contact with the man’s parents, who were under investigation for sheltering a known fugitive.