Celebrity Chinese blogger offers to teach fans how to get a 50 per cent pay rise

Mi Meng promises her 10 million followers a refund if her methods fail

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 November, 2017, 7:03pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 November, 2017, 7:51pm

A controversial Chinese online celebrity has launched a course to teach her fans how to get a higher salary, and promised a refund if that does not work, mainland media reported on Wednesday.

Mi Meng, China’s hottest blogger who has over 10 million fans – mainly female – on her social media account, has joined the “pay for knowledge” craze with a class that promises to help her followers get a 50 per cent salary raise in the space of three years.

The 15-hour course charges 99 yuan (US $15) and will be available on Ximalaya, a website and audio sharing app, from December 1, National Business Daily reported.

The blogger started in 2015 after quitting her job as a reporter and has written viral stories which drew both applause from millions of fans and criticism for being sensational.

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Some critics have accused her of using “rude and vulgar words” to attract clicks and of creating divisions between male and female readers to stoke controversy online.

Her habit of telling stories apparently based on her friends’ experiences have also attracted criticism for being vague about certain details, with some questioning whether the events really took place as described.

However such is her popularity that her social media account charges advertisers 680,000 yuan for a front page promotion, the report said.

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The courses will focus on the factors that can affect one’s salary apart from an employee’s professional skills, Mi said on a news conference on Saturday.

“You have the skills. You just need to know how to get there,” she said.

The course will focus on three areas: how to negotiate with your boss, how to get promoted and how to find a better job.

But some web users questioned her refund promise, with one pointing out that her predominantly young audience would be starting their jobs on low wages and may well see their salaries rising quickly as they move up the career ladder.

“Usually we will get a 50 per cent salary raise in three years,” they wrote. “Besides, there is inflation.”

“She can invest the money and keep the return after refunding her customers,” another person said.

Mi also said she plans to produce a television show aimed at China’s working young women.