Fatal blast in Chinese port city of Ningbo happened at septic tank outside village

Two dead and two still missing after Sunday morning explosion

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 November, 2017, 12:03pm
UPDATED : Monday, 27 November, 2017, 12:29pm

Sunday morning’s deadly blast in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo happened at a septic tank in an open space to the north of a heavily populated village, local authorities have said.

Experts are still trying to determine the direct cause of the explosion, which left two people dead, two missing, and about 20 injured, the government of Ningbo’s Jiangbei district announced via Weibo late on Sunday.

The authorities have ruled out the possibility of a gas explosion as no pipelines had been laid in the area.

Four people were critically injured, and 15 others suffered minor wounds, according to the latest update from the authorities in the port city to the south of Shanghai.

More than 360 households and units in the neighbourhood were affected, the Zhuangqiao sub-district administration said.

The blast caused shock waves that brought down roofs, shattered windows, twisted doors and damaged vehicles, according to local residents.

On Sunday Chinese state television reported that the explosion happened in an area where demolition work was taking place.

At least 2 dead as huge blast hits Chinese port city of Ningbo

The explosion was the latest in a series of incidents that have raised concerns about safety in mainland China’s manufacturing sector.

In August 2015, two blasts ripped through the industrial Binhai New Area in the port city of Tianjin, killing 173 people – including firefighters – and injuring hundreds.

Another explosion at a residential complex in Fugu county, Shaanxi province killed at least 14 people in October last year.

And in June this year, an explosion at a chemical plant in Shandong killed at least 10 people.