Chinese restaurant closed indefinitely after video shows waitress squeezing mop over dishes

Employee sacked after footage of incident, recorded by woman dining with her family, was broadcast on local television

PUBLISHED : Friday, 08 December, 2017, 2:03pm
UPDATED : Friday, 08 December, 2017, 4:38pm

A restaurant in eastern China has been forced to close down “until improvements are made” after Zhejiang Television broadcast a video of a waitress squeezing dirty mop water into a basin full of crockery.

A woman who was dining with her family in the Sichuan Hotpot restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on December 1 recorded the incident with her phone, which featured in the television report later the same day.

The footage shows the waitress mopping up a spill, then squeezing out the dirty water into a container full of used dishes.

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“These are the dishes we eat [from] and she dared to put filthy water into [them],” says the irate customer in the video, with her back turned to the camera.

“Even if the bowls were sanitised in the end, some bacteria may remain,” she said. “I just want to ask the woman if she puts mop water into her dishwasher at home?”

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Footage from the restaurant’s surveillance camera showed the waitress had accidentally knocked over a bucket of water while cleaning a table, the restaurant’s owner said.

“Maybe she was in a hurry, maybe she is lacking experience. She has been working with us for just a few days,” he said, adding that new employees did not receive adequate training.

The waitress has been fired, and the city’s food inspection and safety authority has ordered the business to remain shut until “improvements are made”.