Chinese driving test cheat rumbled after wig fails to hide his deceit

Man found with listening device concealed in clothes banned from resitting examination for 12 months

PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 December, 2017, 3:21pm
UPDATED : Friday, 29 December, 2017, 3:21pm

An audacious attempt by a Chinese man to cheat his way to a driving licence backfired this week, when eagle-eyed invigilators spotted his deception and pulled the brakes on the scam.

The incident happened on Tuesday as the unnamed individual was sitting a written test in Kunming, capital of southwestern China’s Yunnan province, local news portal reported on Friday.

While the report did not give the exact details of the misdemeanour, it said it involved a listening device, an earpiece and a black wig.

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Soon after the test got under way, one of the invigilators became suspicious as the man seemed to be distracted, and was constantly looking around the room and fiddling with his hair, the report said.

When the official went to investigate, he spotted the concealed device and alerted his colleagues. The would-be cheat had run out of road.

The police were called and the man was taken away for questioning. If was not clear if he would face any criminal charges, but the report said he had been banned from repeating the examination for 12 months.

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Driving test formats vary across China, but the Yunnan version comprises two written papers and two practical elements.

The man in the wig was sitting the “common knowledge test on safe and civilised driving” when his attempted deceit was foiled, the report said.