Chinese transport company keeps sick driver on payroll – even after he quits

Tang Jianguo says his kidney condition means he can’t work, and he doesn’t want to be a burden. But his former employer is having none of that

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 28 January, 2018, 4:16pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 28 January, 2018, 4:16pm

A transport company in eastern China has continued to pay a bus driver five years after he resigned over illness, according to a Chinese media report.

Tang Jianguo, his family’s breadwinner, quit his job rather than be a burden on his employer after he was diagnosed with a kidney condition called uraemia in 2012, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Friday.

His employer, Changzhou Longtu Tourism and Passenger Transport, based in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, offered to put him on lighter duties but Tang refused.

“I couldn’t do any normal work because of the illness. I couldn’t do anything even if I changed job ... I didn’t want to be a drag on the company,” he was quoted as saying.

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The company’s then general manager Zhu Yaming decided to help Tang by putting 1,800 yuan (US$285) in the former employee’s bank account each month “for eternity”.

The rest of the staff also had a whip-round and collected more than 10,000 yuan for Tang.

Tang, who is in his 50s, said he could not afford a kidney transplant and had to have dialysis three times a week, with each session lasting four hours.

His mother was 76 years old and his wife had diabetes and high blood pressure. His son had just graduated and found a job but the salary only covered daily expenses, he said.

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The couple’s medical bills came to about 1,500 yuan each month, eating up most of their 2,500 yuan monthly income.

Zhu Yafeng, the company’s present general manager, said the firm would continue to support Tang for as long as he lived.