Race to trace young Chinese woman’s birth parents after cancer diagnosis reveals family secret

Eighteen-year-old Peng Xin didn’t find out she was adopted until after she was diagnosed with leukaemia

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 January, 2018, 12:20pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 January, 2018, 4:14pm

An 18-year-old woman from China was shocked to discover she was adopted after she was diagnosed with leukaemia and is now trying to trace her real parents for a bone-marrow transplant to save her life, a news website reported.

Peng Xin underwent tests earlier this month to diagnose her illness, which revealed to her that her parents were not her biological mother and father and that she had been adopted after she was abandoned as a baby, Dahe.cn reported.

Peng is a school pupil in Xinyang in Henan province and was said to be laid low by the revelations about her parentage and the seriousness of her illness.

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Doctors have told her that chemotherapy may extend her life for about 10 months, but she needs a bone-marrow transplant to ensure her survival. Her parents would be the ideal genetic match as no other suitable bone marrow is available.

Peng’s adoptive mother told the website she and her husband had raised the child as their own and decided to keep the secret from her while she was young.

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“I already had a son and a daughter and we were not wealthy, but she looked so pitiful we brought her home and raised her like our own daughter,” the woman said. 

“We have had to tell her the secret, but she is in a very low mood and doesn’t seem to be able to accept this.

“We actually never intended to tell her the truth about her birth. We wanted to let her live through this life happily, but we had no choice but to tell our child the truth. We really hope to quickly find her birth parents.”

Peng’s classmates have made a video telling Peng’s story, with pictures of her growing up, hoping it will be seen by her birth parents.

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“We hope to find Peng’s birth parents through the wonders of the internet. This is our only chance to find compatible bone marrow for Peng to save her life,” the video appeal says. 

One of Peng’s classmates added: “If not for this illness, Peng might never have known she was adopted. 

“Now, on top of the pain and torture from dealing with her illness, she has encountered a very big mental and emotional setback with the truth. I don’t know how she will deal with it. We all want to help her.”