36 years apart, reunited in 1 day: Chinese twin sisters find each other thanks to a quick-thinking police officer

Wang Hui knew that she was adopted and there could be someone who looked a lot like her in her hometown in eastern China

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 March, 2018, 2:06pm
UPDATED : Friday, 16 March, 2018, 2:06pm

Twin sisters separated soon after birth 36 years ago and adopted by different families in eastern China have been reunited, thanks to a police officer who went through hundreds of ID photos.

Zhao Hangen, a police officer in Hangzhou’s Fuyang district, Zhejiang province, said it all began with a chat when he was on duty at a bus station on Sunday afternoon, Shanghai-based news site Thepaper.cn reported on Thursday.

Zhao said one of the women, Wang Hui, also worked at the station and approached him for help, saying she thought her sister could be also be in Hangzhou.

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She said she knew that she had a twin sister, but their parents were poor and had to give them up to other families 16 days after the girls were born.

They had not crossed paths in the years since but a few months ago a passenger told Wang that he met someone in Hangzhou who was of the same age and similar appearance as her, according to the report.

Zhao said he decided to try to help by diving into the ID database.

“The sisters should have the same birth date and a similar appearance, so I ... went through all the ID photos of the women who were born on the same day as Wang,” he said.

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There are more than 280 women in the city born on the same day as Wang, and Zhao checked each of the photos to see if anyone looked like her.

The next day, Zhao reunited Wang with her twin Wu Li.

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The officer said Wu told him that she knew she was adopted and had a twin sister, but had no idea where she was.

Wu lives in downtown Hangzhou, about 32km from Wang’s home.

The sisters said they had one goal now: to find their birth parents, the report said.