Vandalising visitors leave their mark at popular Chinese tourist site

District authority in Chengdu goes into clean-up mode to scrub scribbles from feature wall

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 April, 2018, 10:34am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 April, 2018, 11:41am

Authorities in the western Chinese city of Chengdu have embarked on a major clean-up at a popular tourist site after vandalising visitors blanketed a decorative wall in graffiti, Chengdu Business News reported on Friday.

Names and messages have been scrawled over almost all of the 100-metre-long “Breathing Tile Wall”, which is near the entrance to the Kuan and Zhai alleys.

“There are at least 10,000 bricks and almost every one of them has something on it,” an urban management official was quoted as saying.

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The wall is not a historic relic but the authorities had posted signs asking visitors not to scribble on it.

The Qingyang district government, which oversees the site, started cleaning up the wall at the start of the month and the work is ongoing, the report said.

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He Gan, one of the cleaners, said it would take a lot of work to remove the graffiti.

“There are at least four steps [to cleaning the wall]: wiping, polishing, painting and then varnishing,” he said.

“Even after all that, if you look close, you can see traces of the marks because some of them penetrated the bricks.”

Another urban management official said efforts were under way to prevent graffiti in the future, including sending more people to monitor the wall and setting part of it aside for people to leave their mark.