Chinese woman claims she found mouse tail in her ice lolly, challenges shopkeeper to eat it

The woman says if the owner of the store where she bought the lolly wants to avoid legal action, then he should eat it himself

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 April, 2018, 11:46am
UPDATED : Saturday, 28 April, 2018, 4:00am

A Chinese woman claimed she found a mouse tail in her half-eaten ice lolly – and then challenged the store owner to eat it if he wants to avoid a compensation claim.

The woman, from Huaian in Jiangsu province, said she would not pursue any claims if the supermarket owner where she bought it finished eating it, the Modern Express reported. 

The woman, who was not named, said she threw up after trying to eat the ice lolly on Tuesday, according to the report.

The supermarket initially suggested 800 yuan (US$126) in compensation, but later raised the sum to 2,000 yuan.

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The woman refused and took the matter to the local consumer affairs department.

An officer told her the supermarket could only offer 1,000 yuan at most in compensation and suggested she undergo a medical examination if she wanted to pursue legal action. 

The woman has publicised her case on social media and gained widespread support among commenters.

“It’s too disgusting. She can definitely demand compensation for psychological trauma,” one person wrote.

The producer of the ice lolly, a Shandong province-based company which was not named, questioned the woman’s claim, saying it would be impossible for its product to be contaminated in such a way, the newspaper reported.