Chinese toddler falls 1.2m through train platform gap, saved with minutes to spare

Station worker pulls girl out after she falls from platform shortly before high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai due to set off

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 May, 2018, 1:10pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 May, 2018, 4:27pm

A two-year-old girl was rescued by a railway station worker after she fell onto the tracks while boarding a train in eastern China on Friday, according to video reports.

As the girl and her mother were stepping onto the high-speed train at Zaozhuang station in Shandong province, she slipped and fell 1.2 metres through the gap between the platform and train.

The incident came minutes before the high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai was due to resume its journey.

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A video uploaded to Weibo by Xinhua shows people leaning over the gap while the girl looks up, panicking and crying. Passengers tried to help by lowering bags and belts for her to grab hold of, but they weren’t long enough, an eyewitness told another site, PearVideo.

Eventually, a uniformed member of staff took charge.

“One man, a worker, then jumped underneath the platform through the gap to carry the child up,” the eyewitness said. He can be seen in the footage squeezing through the narrow gap to rescue her.

“As the mum got on the train, she was carrying too much luggage: a big suitcase, another bag and a smaller case,” the worker said in the Xinhua video.

“She had a piece of luggage in one hand and her daughter in the other. As they got on the train, the child fell into the gap and her mother couldn’t pull her up.

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“Rescuing her took about three to four minutes. I was a bit scared, but wasn’t hurt.”

The mother and daughter then boarded the train to continue their journey. The train was delayed for about four minutes.

The Beijing to Shanghai high-speed railway is over 1,300km long and the full journey takes 4½ hours, passing through 24 destinations including Shandong, which is about 500km south of Beijing and 700km north of Shanghai.