US$16,000 cash falls from window in China as duo ‘make it rain’

Passers-by rush to grab banknotes from the street in Fujian province until the arrival of two men claiming the money belonged to them

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 May, 2018, 4:18pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 May, 2018, 4:47pm

A shower of banknotes drew a crowd in southeast China when about 100,000 yuan (US$15,700) in cash fell from an apartment building, a newspaper has reported.

People scrambled to catch the money as it fell to the ground in Quanzhou in Fujian province on Tuesday afternoon, before two men arrived and asked them to stop, reported the Quanzhou Evening News on Thursday.

Video circulated on social media of hundred-yuan notes fluttering about the streets in Anxi county on the western outskirts of Quanzhou. 

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Motorcyclists, nearby business owners and passers-by were shown rushing to grab the cash in a video compiled by The Beijing News, as one shouted, “Hurry and grab it! Real money! Real money!” in the local Minnan dialect.

Local residents told the Quanzhou Evening News a lot of the notes had been grabbed in under a minute, with some people quickly making off with what they had gathered.

Several WeChat groups, seen by journalists from the Quanzhou Evening News, spread word encouraging people to go to the area and find money. One group member claimed to have collected 5,000 yuan.

The pair claiming the money was theirs soon arrived, saying that they had notified the police, and were able to collect the majority of the notes. 

A business owner helped to sweep up cash with a broom, and some people returned money, including a motorbike taxi driver who handed back 500 yuan on Wednesday.

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No explanation for the falling money has been confirmed, but rumours spread among local people that it had been dumped from a window during a gambling raid, although no police were observed at the scene.

The Quanzhou Evening News reported that about 70,000 of the 100,000 yuan had been recovered, and recommended that any readers who found themselves in a shower of accidental “money rain” in future should try to return the cash to its owner.