Young Chinese children caught on video ripping open drinks vending machine

Vandalism captured on surveillance camera, with the youngsters divvying up the stolen contents by playing what looked like a game of ‘rock paper scissors’

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 June, 2018, 1:01pm
UPDATED : Monday, 04 June, 2018, 2:07pm

A group of young Chinese children are shown in a video circulating on the internet ripping open a vending machine and then playing a game to decide who gets each stolen drink.

The video appears to be surveillance camera footage taken at an arcade in Shantou in southern Guangdong province last week, the Chinese news website Sina reported.

The video shows the boys and girls trying to prise open two vending machines, before joining forces to break into just one.

After placing about half a dozen stolen drinks in a circle on the floor, another friend joins them and they divvy up the drinks by playing what looks like the hand game, “rock paper scissors”.

The video is the latest instance of bad behaviour among children circulated online in China.

The family of a boy from Chongqing was widely condemned in February after he was shown on surveillance video urinating into the control panel of a housing block’s lift, causing it to break down.

Chinese boy gets trapped in lift after peeing on control panel

Some people commenting on the latest video said the children should be punished for the theft and vandalism.

Many, however, took a liking to the youngsters.

“I like these naive and naughty children,” one person commented.