Fancy a stay at China's 'creepy' terracotta warrior holiday flat? It's just US$47 a night

Replica soldiers hold up sinks and lampshades, line the walls and even serve as headboards

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 June, 2018, 3:02pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 June, 2018, 3:58pm

Terracotta army-themed holiday flats in northwestern China are proving a curiosity for foreign tourists, but have been dubbed “creepy” by Chinese people commenting online.

The three flats in Xian – home to the huge ancient imperial tomb guarded by thousands of terracotta statues of soldiers – are run by Guo Zhihua.

He has decorated the properties in the city’s eastern Lianhu district with 55 replicas of the famous figures.

Mini-size warriors hold up sinks and lampshades, while life-size soldiers and horses line the walls, serve as headboards and are painted on sides of showers.

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One and two-bedroom flats costs from 300 yuan (US$47) to 600 yuan a day torent.

“The terracotta warriors are aimed at special foreign tourist groups,” 53-year-old Guo said in a report published on Sunday by the video-sharing website PearVideo.

“It’s to educate tourists to further understand the Qin dynasty [221-207BC], so I’m going to persevere with it even though the occupancy rate isn’t high.”

Reviews for the accommodation by foreign tourists on the travel website TripAdvisor were positive, describing the rooms as “quirky”, “a unique place to stay” and “wacky, but not tacky”.

“Major pros are the warriors and horses interiors and the location near the Muslim quarter and the subway,” one user from the United States commented.

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“Very nice flat completely in warrior style. Your mattress is carried by an army, your bed is guarded by eight warriors, taller than yourself. This is also true for the living room and bathroom. It is great!” another person said.

But Chinese internet users were not so keen on the concept, according to the PearVideo report.

“Terracotta warriors in the evening, when you wake up, go to the toilet … every second of the day is too intimidating,” one person was quoted as saying.

“So many terracotta warriors watching me sleep! Too scary!” said another.