Chinese bus driver comes to the rescue of woman threatening to jump into Yangtze

Driver and passengers stop woman from jumping off bridge after argument with her husband

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 June, 2018, 4:17pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 June, 2018, 5:19pm

A bus driver came to the rescue of a woman who was threatening to jump off a bridge in northern China.

Zeng Hanxi was driving her passengers along a route in Wuhan, the capital of Hebei province, on Sunday afternoon when she spotted the woman trying to climb over the railings on a bridge across the Yangtze.

A report published by PearVideo on Thursday shows how she made an emergency stop in the middle of the bridge and enlisted the help of her passengers to pull her away from the bridge.

The woman, who was only identified by her surname Xu, said she was upset because she had been arguing over the phone with her husband, who lives over 1,000km (620 miles) away in the megacity of Shenzhen, video site Kankan reported.

“I was going over the bridge at one o’clock when I saw a woman on the side without shoes on, climbing over the railings and stopping to sit on top of them. I quickly stopped the bus and shouted ‘don’t move’,” Zeng told PearVideo.

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“She wouldn’t stop crying with grief. I called passengers in the bus to help get her off the bridge, I was scared she would want to do it again.”

Zeng then pulled Xu on to the bus and drove her to the terminus. The report added that a friend came to collect Xu and look after her.