Chinese woman killed in Shanghai car park after being run down by unlicensed driver

Scrap collector, 59, was having a rest with her husband when tragedy struck

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 June, 2018, 4:01pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 June, 2018, 4:01pm

A Shanghai woman was hit and killed on Friday by an out-of-control car with an unlicensed driver behind the wheel, Chinese media reported.

The 59-year-old victim, who was well known in the area by her nickname Auntie Lin, was taking a rest from her work as a scrap collector in a car park when the fatal crash happened, reported on Tuesday.

“Things were just normal,” her husband was quoted as saying. “We decided to take a break from bundling up the waste items and were just sitting there [on a discarded couch].

As the couple were resting, a black vehicle entered the car park at speed. After striking two other cars and a motorcycle, it ploughed into the sofa and straight over Lin, the report said.

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“I heard a bang … the sound of something hitting on the glass,” a witness was quoted as saying.

“The woman was just napping … the car raced over, crashed into the vehicles and then hit the kerb [of the pavement where Lin was sitting],” said another.

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The incident was caught on video and the footage was later posted on the Cover News website.

Police and an ambulance crew were called to the scene, but they were too late to save Lin. The driver, who was not named but identified as being male, was detained and the case is under investigation.

The report quoted police as saying that the man not have a driving licence but had taken the wheel after complaining to his wife about the quality of her driving and making her get out of the vehicle, the Knews report said.

The video footage showed the wife running behind the car as it left its trail of destruction in the car park.

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