Furious Chinese women gang up to take revenge on love cheat in front of television cameras

Man who was accused of scamming large sums of money out of his lovers, who joined forces to set up ambush along with police

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 July, 2018, 6:01pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 July, 2018, 6:01pm

A Chinese man who had been dating three women simultaneously had the tables turned when they ganged up on him to confront him about his deception in an incident filmed by a local television station on Tuesday.

During the heated confrontation, which happened in the southern city of Nanning, two policemen and one of the women are shown wrestling the love cheat to the ground as he tries to escape, after getting out of a silver Mercedes-Benz.

The man has been accused of scamming large sums of money out of all three of them and local police said they would “use the fullest extent of the law” to help the women.

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A video of the incident, shot by Guangxi Television News, was published by news portal Thepaper.cn on Wednesday.

Three people were injured in the scuffle, according to the news report, which did not provide further details, and more police arrived at the scene soon afterwards.

During the course of what each believed was a serious long-term relationship with the man, the women all lent him large sums equivalent to thousands of US dollars as well as letting him use their expensive sports cars.

The man used different names with his lovers, telling two of them his surname was Fu and the other that it was Li. His real name is still unknown.

His complex ruse slowly unravelled after his mysterious behaviour and constant changes of address aroused one of the girlfriend’s suspicions.

The woman, who was only identified by her surname Li, discovered he had been making regular phone calls to another woman and after a row with him took his phone and used it to call the woman.

The second woman, whose surname was Wei, told the TV station: “I fell apart [when I found out] because I had never thought that he had other girlfriends. He’d also been dating them for a long time – over a year.”

Wei said she had previously had her doubts about the man, who had claimed to own a mine and a money lending business, but had convinced her to lend him over 200,000 yuan (US$30,000), which he said he needed to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

When Wei and Li started investigating the love cheat further, they found he had been dating one of Wei’s closest friends, a woman named Tan, and had somehow managed to conceal the fact from both of them.

“I thought he spoke with lots of integrity, and whatever he said seemed to be clear and logical,” said Tan.

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Furious, the three women joined forces and reported him to the police who agreed to send a couple of officers along with them when he was supposed to return Tan’s Mercedes.

When he arrived for the meeting he was ambushed by the women and police along with a television camera crew.

The man’s true identity and details of the investigation have not yet been revealed by the police or local media.

“This kind of fraudulent behaviour regarding money and intimate relationships is truly abhorrent,” said an unnamed officer at Dashatian police station.

“When getting to know a new partner, women everywhere should attempt to see them clearly for who they are and not fall blindly for their flattering words, so that they don’t end up heartbroken and with an empty purse.”