You rake it, you buy it: how Chinese shopper’s tantrum over ginger prices proved costly

Woman told to pay for sweeping pickled roots on to the floor after being asked to pay just 15 US cents more for her shopping

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 July, 2018, 5:56pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 July, 2018, 5:56pm

A woman who lost her temper after getting into a row with supermarket staff in southwest China over the price of pickled ginger ended up paying more than she bargained for after throwing the food on the floor.

The woman got into a shouting match with shop workers after being asked to pay just one yuan (15 US cents) more for her shopping.

A video of the incident, published by the Chengdu Shangbao newspaper, shows she then started sweeping the pickled roots off the counter at the shop in Neijiang in Sichuan province.

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The woman started peeling away the heads and tails of the roots she wanted. Staff told her that if she did this she was going to have to pay more, but she ignored them and carried on.

When she went to the till she refused to pay the higher price and accused staff of overcharging her.

As the row became more heated a supermarket manager intervened and agreed with the woman that one of the shop workers – who later admitted to the newspaper that “I may have raised my voice” – should apologise to her.

However, she refused to accept a bow from the worker, whose surname was Deng. Instead she insisted that Deng should kneel on the floor to apologise, something the shop worker refused to do.

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This and the manager’s insistence that she should pay the higher price for the ginger only served to further enrage her and she started sweeping the ginger onto the floor.

The manager called the police, who told the woman that she would have to pay for some of the food she had thrown on the floor.

The total bill was 154.76 yuan – more than 20 times what it would have cost her if she had just paid the asking price in the first place.