Chinese amputee food courier delivers 60 meals a day to pay for prosthetic leg

Man says missing limb is no handicap when it comes to serving up lunches and dinners in double-quick time

PUBLISHED : Friday, 03 August, 2018, 3:26pm
UPDATED : Friday, 03 August, 2018, 3:40pm

A man in east China who lost part of a leg in an accident is working as a food courier to pay for a prosthetic replacement, local media reported.

Wang Jiansheng has been delivering meals in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, for the past two years, Qianjiang Evening News reported on Thursday.

Despite being an amputee, he is known for his efficiency and quick work, delivering up to 60 orders a day in a 12-hour shift. As a result, he usually earns about 5,000 yuan (US$730) a month.

Wang, who hails from Sichuan province in southwest China, was quoted as saying he had his left leg amputated below the knee several years ago after an accident. The report did not elaborate.

After learning to walk again, he relocated to Hangzhou for work and after trying several jobs moved into food delivery after a friend told him it was lucrative.

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“Many customers are surprised when they see me, and offer me tips, but I always refuse,” he said.

“One time a customer saw my disability and told her child to bring me a drink from the fridge. I was so moved,” he said.

Wang said he was saving up for a prosthetic limb, so he could walk “normally” again.

“I don’t have enough money [yet], but it doesn’t matter. My work makes me a success.”