Truck driver stops on highway to reapply fading licence plate numbers with black marker

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 August, 2018, 9:01am
UPDATED : Monday, 06 August, 2018, 6:24pm

A driver was let off with a warning by police after he parked his truck illegally on a highway in northern China so that he could reapply the numbers on his licence plate that had worn off, a news website reports.

The man had been so busy crouched in front of his truck with a black marker last week – carefully filling in the missing numbers after stopping at the side of a highway near Hengshui, in Hebei province – that he did not notice a police officer standing over him.

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That’s according to a report in on Saturday, which said the man told the officer he was aware the licence plate needed fixing since his registration number had completely faded, leaving just the yellow background.

The man, who was not identified by the news website, had decided to stop by a toll station to try to fix the problem himself. He was given a warning for having an unclear number plate – and told to get a replacement – and for illegally parking on a highway, according to the report.

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