China’s miracle baby saved by trees after being thrown off a cliff by her father

  • Infant fell 70 metres before landing on branches 30 metres from the ground
  • Father of three apparently told police he didn’t want another girl
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 November, 2018, 8:03pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 November, 2018, 8:56pm

A newborn baby girl who was thrown off a cliff in southern China, apparently by her father, survived the ordeal unharmed after miraculously landing in the canopy of a tree, local media reported.

Staff at a hospital in the Magui township of Gaozhou, Guangdong province, where the baby was born alerted the police after noticing she was missing.

Officers tracked down the girl’s father, identified only as Li, who confessed to taking the baby from the hospital and driving her to the clifftop, where he put her inside a plastic bag and tossed her over the edge, Gaozhou Television reported.

Li was immediately detained and police launched a search to save the stricken child. By the time they arrived at the scene, she had been missing for about 10 hours, the report said.

“The main problem was that the cliff was very steep and densely forested,” Feng Youshi, the deputy head of Magui police station, said.

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At about 1pm on Friday, rescuers located the baby lying among the branches of a tree about 30 metres (100 feet) from the ground. She had apparently fallen about 70 metres, the report said.

Despite her ordeal, the child suffered no serious injuries and after spending a night in hospital under observation, she was able to go home with her mother.

Li apparently told police that he did not want another daughter as he already had two. The couple also has a son, the report said.

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Chinese families have traditionally favoured sons over daughters and there have been countless reports of baby girls being abandoned or even killed. The cultural trait was made worse by the country’s notorious one-child policy, which was only recently abolished.

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