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Top 5 videos of the week: From Pluto to Peking opera-inspired face masks

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 18 July, 2015, 11:33am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 September, 2015, 9:58am

Every Saturday, the South China Morning Post will be presenting its top video picks from and the web - featuring news, features, mini-documentaries and more.

This week, we've got dancing tennis champions, a close-up look at Pluto and a bizarre face mask that Chinese people are wearing to the beach to protect themselves from the sun. 

Soak in the sun with China's 'face-kini'

Those looking to soak up the sun while protecting themselves from UV rays can turn to the 'face-kini' - a mask that protects the face from sunburn and jellyfish stings. The mask, created in 2004 by swimwear store owner Zhang Shifan, has been attracting attention for a while due to its odd appearance. But this has not stopped people, mainly elderly Chinese women, from wearing one. One of the more recent designs seems to mimic the appearance of Peking Opera performers. Personally, we think these masks defeat the purpose of going to the beach, unless your goal is to scare children. But whatever floats your boat. 

Cockatoo gets his game on

Step aside, Lionel Messi. There's a new goal scoring phenom getting a lot of attention, and he comes in the form of a cockatoo. 

This video shows the bird getting a bit too cocky as he scores goal after goal then sways from side to side by way of a victory dance, and even performs some incredible jumps. Now that's how you celebrate a big win! 

Tennis stars Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic get their groove on

After winning the latest men's and women's singles titles at Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams let loose and entertained the crowd with a champions' dance. Jiving away to the Bee Gees' Night Fever, the pair got onlookers to clap along to the beat, and even cheer when they finished. 

The last time the dance was revived by tennis stars was in 1976 courtesy of Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert. And while it was Djokovic's idea to bring it back, he definitely looked more at ease firing volleys. Who can blame him though?! It's Wimbleton and he already performed his  best when it counted the most! 

Robots run the show at Japanese hotel

If you're looking to escape human contact on your next vacation, this might be the perfect place to stay. At Japan's Henn na Hotel (Hann na is Japanese for "weird"), vacationers are checked-in by robots, including a dinosaur receptionist and a female humanoid with blinking eyes. 

The hotel is part of an amusement park, and owner Hideo Sawada insists the robots are not just a gimmick. He says they are part of a concerted effort to better utilise technology and achieve higher efficiency. Let's just hope they don't become too convenient. Human contact is still important,even though we may need to shy away from it at times. 

Pluto captures the world's attention

History was made this week as the New Horizons space probe furnished the world with new knowledge and images of the dwarf planet Pluto. 

The mission showed that Pluto has mountains of ice as high as the Rockies in North America. It also highlighted geological activity on both the planet and one of its moons, Charon. The images looked stunning, and we can't wait to see what technology will teach us next about outer space.